NI+C EDI series make it possible for non-Japanese companies to easily connect with any company in Japan.

We provide Global-EDI services that realize seamless connections across countries. When you wish to connect to overseas companies, “three walls” (communication protocol / standard message / business habit) are there. We can help you to break down them. We can contribute to establishing a supply chain between your trading partners and you.

NI+C EDI series have over 20-years-experience of providing EDI services to major industries in Japan.

Our customers we have been supporting include automotive industries, retailers, PC wholesalers, suppliers, logistics players and more. We have been providing any type of transaction messages, communication protocols, translation, mapping and other functions that our customers need to incorporate.

NI+C EDI solutions include both EDI Cloud services available over networks, and traditional EDI softwares for being installed in-house. In addition, we also provide “ERP Integration Service” that allows you to integrate your ERP systems with EDI platforms.

ERP integration with EDI

Regarding mission critical core systems, there is a development thought gap between Japanese companies and European/US companies. NI+C EDI fills this gap.

In many cases , the mission critical core system of Japanese companies has been built in scratch development. Of course, there are Japanese companies who have been introduced business packages, ERPs such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft.
On the other hand, many European and American companies have introduced the standard business process (best practice) which business package has as it is.

“The core system is heavy, heavy and heavy, I want to lighten it.”
Japanese companies often have such troubles.
EDI has conducted various interface processing for each business partner on behalf of our customers to reduce their workload and helped to make the system slimmer. We NI+C EDI will help you fill the gap by utilizing the above-mentioned abundant know-how. Let’s solve the management issue “Improve transparency of global management” by integrating B2B data!