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EDI Gateway Service –
Specifications / Technical Information

1 What is EDI Gateway Service?

EDI gateway Service helps you to store and transfer structured data between two parties, so called trading partners.Trading partners are usually a supplier and a customer, seller and buyer, payee and invoicee, or supplier and carrier.

2 Functions

2.1 Communication protocols

Following protocols are available.

  • Zengin Basic Procedure
  • Zengin TCP/IP Procedure
  • JCA Procedure
  • Our standard WebEDI
  • ebXML-MS V2
  • JX procedure
  • SFTP

2.2 Connection circuit

Following circuits can be used.

  • Zengin Basic Procedure:Telephone circuit,ISDN
  • Zengin TCP/IP Procedure:IP network
  • JCA procedure:Telephone circuit,ISDN
  • EDIINT AS2:Internet
  • WebEDI:Internet,IP network
  • HULFT:IP network
  • FTP procedure:IP network
  • ebXML-MS:Internet
  • JX procedure:Internet
  • SFTP:IP network

2.3 Destination divide

It is a function to divide messages sent to EDI Gateway Service from customers in EDI Gateway Service and store them in exchange box.

This function is available on a premise that the message should be fixed length message and the header should include a piece of information that allows identification of the message type/destination.

To use this service, prior registration of message layout is necessary using a designated application form.

2.4 Message replication

It is a function to broadcast customers’ messages to EDI Gateway Service or the messages of exchange counterparts received by EDI Gateway Service to multiple destinations.

To use this service, prior registration of the messages in the scope of replication is necessary using a designated application form.

2.5 Message merging

It is a function to merge multiple messages in one file when distributing messages from EDI Gateway Service.

2.6 Character code conversion

In EDI Gateway Service, conversion between JIS-8 (JIS X0208) and IBM EBCDIC is available as character code for input files and output files. However, it does not support the conversion of multi-byte character code.
If setup character code for an input file and that for an output file does not match, automatic conversion is carried out within EDI Gateway Service.

2.7 Industry standard message conversion

In EDI Gateway Service, translator function is available that enables conversion of various types of industry standard messages.
The main message formats supported by our service are as below.

  • CII
  • ANSI X.12
  • CSV
  • XML
  • iDOC
  • Fixed length

2.8 Data succession (option)

Items are succeeded from order placement data to shipment/invoicing data.

2.9 Transmission/Receiving scheduler

File automatic distribution function is offered based on communication start-up by EDI Gateway Service (hereafter “Center start-up”).
It is necessary to set schedule in advance for start-up timing by using operator function of EDI Gateway Service.

2.10 Connection with industry network and other third party EDI services

EDI Gateway Service supports mutual connection with EDI data exchange services operated by third parties. Basically, fees are charged based on individual quotation.
Description document for individual mutual connection services stipulates the supported functions and service specifications.

  • IBM:Sterling Collaboration Network
  • GXS:Trading Grid Messaging Service

2.11 other Special functions

Requests for other special functions are required to be examined.

3 Operator functions and other details

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