NI+C EDI covers numerous industries in Japan with five brand names.


In Japan’s automotive industry, JNX (Japanese automotive network eXchange) which is a common platform for business-to-business e-commerce was established and started operation in October 2000.

In 2017, JNX has more than 2,700 subscriptions.
Automakers, automobile parts manufacturers, construction machine manufacturers, agricultural machine manufacturers, etc. are connected.

We Nippon Information and Communication (NI+C) has been certified as CSP (certified service provider) since the beginning of JNX. We are providing “NI+C EDI GATEWAY SERVICE” on JNX.

“NI+C EDI GATEWAY SERVICE” absorbs differences in B2B communication such as communication protocol, data code, data format, data collection timing. Even data exchanges with business partners in different industries can be realized with a single interface in a short period of time. In addition, it has connection experiences with almost all Japanese automobile manufacturers (OEMs) and many mega suppliers, and also supports international communication with non-Japanese manufacturers.

*JNX is a trademark of Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).

2.Manufacturing (Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals /Toiletries) , Retail and Wholesale

The Kao Group is a leading manufacturer of Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals /Toiletries in Japan. About 20 years ago, Kao developed its own EDI system to conduct electronic trading with counterparties (manufacturers and retailers). This prototype of Kao is the starting point of “NI+C EDIPACK”.

Since then, in addition to distribution of daily necessities, NI+C EDI series have been expanding coverage and deeply involved in a wide range of industries, major Retailers and major wholesalers.

NI+C EDI is also suitable for XML-based Ryutsu BMS (Business Message Standards), that is one of some EDI standards for Japanese retail industry.

3.PC Distribution Industry / Wholesale

In the PC distribution industry, competition is intensifying due to the diversification of sales channels and entry into different industries due to the progress of information technology, reducing costs and responding swiftly and flexibly to customers is a challenge. For that reason, it is essential to improve operational efficiency in the supply chain, such as shortening lead time and optimizing distribution stocks, but at present it is not possible to solve it by each company’s efforts.

Against this backdrop, We Nippon Information And Communications (NI+C) provides “NI+C UTRAD” to solve various problems in the PC distribution industry.

“NI+C UTRAD” strongly supports information exchange between companies in order to reduce costs and expand their business partners.

4.DIY / Home Electronics one-stop retailers and vendors

“NI+C .com Exchange” and its OEM EDI-service have been spreading mainly among the home electronics and DO-IT-YOURSELF (D.I.Y.) shops and vendors.

One of our customer, Home-Center-Operator, has more than 300 shops across Japan. These shops provide DIY products to improve home environment.

Another customer, a major consumer electronics store in Japan, has more than 1,000 stores nationwide throughout Japan and are closely tied to each area.

“NI+C .com Exchange” is a service recommended by AEHA Japan (Association for Electric Home Appliances).

5.e-commerce players and suppliers

Every online shopping player has its own policies and guidelines to connect with vendors over EDI.

We NI+C have full experiences to bridge between vendors and a famous online-store company based in USA, that is one of the biggest Internet retailer worldwide. NI+C EDI help overcome the differences of not only EDI standard but also business practices between two regions.

For those choosing to expand business through e-commerce in Japan, please do not hesitate to contact NI+C EDI !