Find your EDI trading partner in Japan

Please tell us “names of your trading partners in Japan”
(NI+C EDI will look for on your behalf !)

NI+C EDI series consists of five EDI Platforms that include more than 800 Japanese companies and more than 8,000 sites within Japan.

We handle any type of EDI documents required by your EDI counterparts in Japan and any other countries. Your trading partner’s unique requirements are welcomed.

In the case that you have to incorporate a brand-new or Japan-unique EDI document that you cannot cope with, you can count on experts at NI+C EDI series to establish a new Trading Map. We have been helping many vendors and suppliers for more than 20 years. We are ready for you.

  • Automotive (automobile manufacturers and mega suppliers)
  • Manufacturing (Cosmetics / Pharmaceuticals /Toiletries)
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • PC Distribution
  • DIY shop and vendors
  • Home Electronics one-stop-shop and vendors
  • e-commerce players and suppliers

Above is list of some industries that we can share for you on this webpage. However, we have more customers other than this list. (For more information, please contact us !)