What is EDI ? (Japan-specific and uniqueness)

Japan-specific and uniqueness on EDI

There are many EDI document standards such as ANSI, UN/EDIFACT, RosettaNet, SWIFT. It is said that ANSI and UN/EDIFACT occupy over 80% on all over the worldwide.

However, in Japan, most of Japanese-style EDIs are NOT standardized. In other words, companies who wish to connect to each other are ought to decide what the EDI procedure is like. This means that time is consumed for a decision of the EDI procedure and building of EDI systems in Japan.

What is EDI ?

EDI is an abbreviation of “Electronic Data Interchange”.

In B2B dealings between enterprises, such as purchase order, shipping, delivering, billing and paying, enormous exchanges of information are needed.
When you depend on a paper check, telephone or fax for handling it, you’ll face enormous operations and cost.

EDI is an automated mechanism in which structured data with agreed message standards are transferred and exchanged via network. It can help you to save your work and to prevent human errors also.