Are you choosing to break into JAPAN B2B market?

Like in many other Asian countries, if you would like to sell your company’s products to Japanese retailers, wholesalers, makers and so on, it is necessary to understand how the business model works and what the market structure is in Japan.

One of some secret ways to get a success in B2B business on Japan market is to collaborate with EDI providers who are familiar with the Japanese unique business models.

We (NI+C EDI), as a leading Electronic Data Interchange Providers wide across in Japan, have state-of-the-art EDI technologies with advanced facilities, and have numerous coverage on business-to-business data connections in a wide variety of Japanese enterprise industries – Automotives, daily necessities, PCs (and related goods), electronics and any other manufacturers, major Retailers and major Wholesalers such as DIY, consumer electronics stores, e-commerce and vendors, etc.

NI+C EDI covers industries above with five brand services – ”EDI Gateway Service”, ”EDIPACK”, ”UTRAD”, ”.com Exchange“ and ”NMS IE/EX”

Why not find your trading partners and expand your business in Japan?